Summary in English

oday Oregrund is a popular sea resort at the northen end of the big archipelago of the Swedish eastern coast. However, it is an old town, founded in the year of 1491, the same year as Christoforo Columbo went for America.

It`s an old town, but only the church is from the time of foundation. Most of the houses here are from the 19th century. Many big fires have destroyed the town in old times, three times as an act of war, four times as accidents.

Once Oregrund was an important sea port. The eastern part of the province of Uppland, Roslagen, as this part of Sweden is named, was not only the home of the Swedish vikings, but a country of iron too. Here were many mines and ironworks situated, and the skippers of Oregrund had many years the exclusive right to transport the finest iron of the world to Stockholm, and from Stockholm most of it was exported to Sheffield and other towns in England. However, in the 18th century Oregrund lost this right, but the ships of the town sailed for the ports of the Baltic and many sailors were hired for service on ships from other towns and sailed everywhere on the seven seas.

As a fact Oregrund was a town of seamen in old times. Practically all men got their living of the sea, most of them as sailors, some as pilots or – later – as crews of the lighting ships. However, times change, and the old shipping lane is today not much used. Today navigate most ships far out on the sea from the coast, but from time to time some sea going tug or freighter are visiting the harbour.

The russians destroyed the town 1719 and a big fire 1829 laid most of the central part of the town in ashes. However, many houses are from the 19th century, small wooden houses with well kept gardens.

Today is Oregrund something of a sleeping idyll, especially in the time of winter. Everything changes in the summer season. Tourists are arriving with cars and boats and the harbour area is bursting with activity. Visitors are looking on the boats in the harbour or visiting some restaurant with sea view – it`s a lot of them.

Why not try a little walk in the town? The old church of Saint Gertrud is dominating the town. The church has no church tower, only a bell tower situated on a hill not far from the church. Inside you will have a view of two ship models from the 18th century, a frigate and a corvette, thanksgiving gifts from sea captains. A rather unusual sight is an embroidery, a needlework of a young girl 1785, used as cover of the chalk.

The homestead museum is situated not far from the bell tower. Once it was the home of a sea captain, now you will find a big collection of exhibitions there. Here you will find a highly interesting maritime museum too with ship models and nautica.

Oregrund was for a long time a very popular spa. Of course the clean air and the sea was a very good base for a health resort, but the spa of Oregrund could offer a lot of medical baths too. A memory of that time is the Societetshuset, built 1892, situated in a beautiful garden just at the sea. In modern words it was the club house of the guests. Here could the visitors of the spa pop in for a cup of tea, for a looking in daily papers, have a chat with other guests a s o.

The view of the open sea from the Societetshuset is magnificient.

On the other side of the strait is Gräsön, one of the biggest islands of the archipelago.

Just at the entrance of the harbour you may have a look of  a very unusual monument, a lighting ship situated on a cliff. It is the tower and deckhouse of the old lighting ship Västra Banken, a memory of the time when many seamen from Oregrund acted as members of the lightships crews.

The eastern part of the town is named Skaten and was in old times the homestead of the seamen, fishers and a few sea captains. Many houses here are from the 18th century, small wooden houses with small but beautiful gardens. Not far from the road to the ferry ship is a big red building situated. For many years ago it was owned of a sea captain. Look at the chimneys. One is red, the other green. He used port and starboard still when he was dwelling in his house.

Many hundred yachts and motorboats are visiting the harbour of Oregrund every summer. It is a very popular guest harbour and from time to time you will find boats here flying the flag of Finland or Germany.

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